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Attività Trojnar

We were already warned as a child: do not go to the fire, run away from the fire that you will not get burned. Now we do intentionally. Intellectually phenomenon of firewalking can not be explained. This experience helps us in everyday life. When we stuble upon an apparently insurmountable obstacle, we remember how the ritual of firewalking took place and that even then it seemed impossible, but you did it! Fear is the biggest brake on the development of our ability. While firewalking we are aware of our fear, we acknowledge it and overcome it. This time we decide to go barefoot over white-hot coals, and we take responsibility for our actions by ourselves in full awareness what might happen and no one can be blamed if, anything does happen.

Servizi offerente:

  • organizzazione di picnic,
  • programmi di team building,
  • organizzazione di gioco,
  • seminario di organizzazione

L'offerente è ancora senza valutazione!

Tipi di camere e appartamenti

Vi preghiamo di scegliere la data di arrivo e il numero di pernottamenti affinché noi possiamo controllare le capacità disponibili.

Buoni regalo

I prezzi includono l'IVA.


Buono regalo: Firewalking

Include: ritual of firewalking includes: preparation for firewalking, relaxation exercises, igniting a fire ritual, firewalking, ...

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