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Wellness center Syra

  • saunas: 4 (Turkish, Finish, Istrian, IR)
  • massages (aromatherapy, massage Harmony, hot stone, classic, sport pressure, reflex zone, Shiatsu, Tui-in, Aqua detox)
  • relaxation room
  • therapies
  • water baths
  • revitalization and relaxation techniques (Yoga, Aquarelax)
  • pedicure, manicure, facial care

In this oasis of peace next to the refreshing sea bay, shielded by a wonderful herbal park and surrounded by select shrubs, you can take advantage of traditional healing methods. They are designed to restore and maintain inner harmony and balance, that depend on the flowing, uninterrupted flux of man’s vital energy, Chi. Using various methods qualified therapists will help you regulate the effect of this energy on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels to give you a feeling of well-being and to strengthen your immune resistance.

  • The energy park is situated in the heart of the village in front of hotel Salinera. Has 12 energy points, which have a beneficial effect on the health status of individuals.

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