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Rimske terme - Roman SPA

Even in 39 BC, the ancient Romans, who were aware of the healing effects of thermal water, built the first swimming pools with hot and cold water at the today’s location of Rimske Terme. Centuries passed and the miraculous water springs became more and more popular. Members of royal families visited Rimske Terme in the belief that they had discovered a miraculous healing spring. For a long time, the spa was only available to members of the upper class and to high military officers – only in the past few years the spa has become available to anyone who wishes to experience its healing effects.

Research has shown that the acrothermal water in Rimske Terme is one of the richest in Slovenia in terms of the content of chemical elements that have beneficial effect on the human body. The stimulating working environment in which the spa is located, the crystal clean air and fairy-tale landscape of unspoiled forests also contributes beneficially to a person’s well-being.

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Wellness ceter Amalija

Wellness ceter Amalija

Many opportunities for relaxation and hedonistic experience in intimate atmosphere of Wellness center Amalija offer you a world distant from reality and from the things that are threatening you in everyday life.

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Rimske terme Business Wellness Spa Resort

Rimske terme Business Wellness Spa Resort

A pearl in an intact oasis of nature, among mighty vegetation and surrounded by beneficial effects of thermal springs will woke up a wish for creativity, relaxation and rest.

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