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Legal notices

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General terms of use for the web portal

By accessing the web pages, you confirm your acceptance of our terms and conditions and consent to be bound by them.

Limited use of information and materials

It is prohibited, without having first obtained a written permission from Polet d.o.o., to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, publish, licence, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information, software products or services from the web portal.

Unauthorized or improper use

As the user of the web portal, you undertake not to use any pages for illegal purposes or purposes inconsistent with these conditions. Furthermore, you must not impede the access to any other user of the web portal. It is forbidden to attempt unauthorised access to services on the web portal, reservation system, web server or data base.

Personal data protection

Polet d.o.o. shall gather personal data for reservation or purchase purposes, and other purposes (access to the personal pages, award winning games, statistical treatment).

Polet d.o.o. shall store and protect all data in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, which includes organizational, technical and logically-technical procedures and measures which protect personal data and prevent accidental or deliberate unauthorised destruction, change or loss of data, or unauthorised processing of data.

Polet d.o.o. shall not reveal personal and contact data to third parties, except for the purpose of reservation or purchase, or to those users who shall provide legal basis for such demand, personal approval of an individual or contract documents.

User accounts

In order to use certain services made available through the web pages, you will have to submit all required data for user accounts and, to the best of your abilities, ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date. Polet d.o.o. undertakes to safeguard the notified data and use it in compliance with current regulations, general terms of use and operating conditions.

Users and providers of tourist services are responsible for all activities executed with your own user accounts. In the case of unauthorized use of your account, or reasonable ground for misuse, you must contact Polet d.o.o. immediately. Polet d.o.o. assumes no legal responsibility for any loss or damage which might occur as a result of unauthorized use of your user account and password.

Web pages management

Polet d.o.o does not assume any legal liability for occasional non working web pages, inaccurate information, nor any damage caused by such inaccurate or incomplete information.

External links

The web portal provides links to other web pages. Polet d.o.o does not have control over information appearing on these external sites and is not responsible for their content or accuracy. Polet d.o.o is also not responsible for any damage which might on your computer, resulting from the use of these links.

Consent to processing the gathered data

Polet d.o.o. encourages you to voluntarily provide feedback information, suggestions and other photo or video material, which enables the upgrading of the web portal.

By sending us information and data through the web portal, you authorise and give full consent to Polet d.o.o. to use the data without any restriction.

Changing the content and general terms

Polet d.o.o retains the right to change and update general terms of use, provisions and notes that enable the use of the web portal.

Polet d.o.o retains the right to change the content published on its web portal.

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