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Museum für Post und Telekommunikation

The Polhograjska mansion houses the unit of Technical Museum of Slovenia, the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, which was from 1985 to 2008 located in Starološki castle in Škofja loka.

In the museum you can see the collection of mail history, history of telecommunications and Živa's corner, which is aimed at young visitors, and temporary exhibition Pioneering mobile in Slovenia.

The mail history collection shows the evolution of postal mail from prehistoric times to today. The four rooms are on display mock-ups postal carts, the reconstruction of post offices and postmen uniforms from different periods and different mail transport. In addition to the above you can see excerpts of films on the theme of mail and animated film.

In the collection of telecommunications history, attention is drawn to the development of telephony and telegraphy, the fact contribute to job creation, which was occupied mainly by women. On display are old telephone sets, teleprinters, telephoto devices and other devices to send messages from a distance. Over the phone visitors can listen to how the phone call was made in the past.

Živa's corner is intended for young museum visitors, who can participate in various games and workshops.They learn about the history of Post and Telecommunications.

The museum is open Tuesday to Friday and on Sundays and public holidays from 10 to 17 hours.

Foto: Blaž Zupančič

Museum für Post und Telekommunikation
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