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Kirche Mariä Himmelfahrt auf der Insel Bled

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, located on the island surrounded by the lake, presents the most recognizable icon at Bled. Legend has it that on this place once stood a shrine of the Ancient Slavonic goddess Živa and was burnt down during the Christian war against the pagans. The church was built on the same spot. The bell has its own legend as well. It sank to the bottom of the lake during its transport to the island. Later on, the Pope sent a new bell for the church. To commemorate this event, the locals annually organise a symbolic pulling-the-bell-out -of-the -water. Visitors can chime the bell in order for their wishes to come true. Many couples have decided to wed in this church.

Foto: Klemen Urbančnik

Kirche Mariä Himmelfahrt auf der Insel Bled

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