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Geographische Museum für Slowenien

The Geographical Museum is a special unit of the SRC SASA Anton Melik Geographical Institute for collecting, preserving and organising cartographic, pictorial and archive material. The museum is located at Gosposka ulica street in Ljubljana. Museum collection includes a large number of old maps and atlases and a few smaller collections of photographs, geographical material and books. The cartographic collection includes a wide variety of maps of different scales from the 16th century onwards. Next to general and several thematic maps of various types, there are also topographic maps, school wall maps and atlases. The majority of the material relates to the territory of Slovenia and its neighbouring countries. Among the most valuable items in the museum are the first edition of the Glory of the Duchy of Carniola by Valvasor, Münster's edition of Ptolemy's Geographia, and Florijančič's maps of Carniola from 1744.

The material at the museum serves as study material for individuals and institutions and is occasionally shown at thematic exhibitions and workshops. Visits need to be prearranged.

Author: Primož Gašperič

Foto: Marko Zaplatil

Geographische Museum für Slowenien

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