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Museum of Architecture and Design

The Museum of Architecture and Design is a national Slovene museum for architecture, industrial design, graphic design, visual communication and photography. MAO introduces the past work of architects, designers, and photographers as useful experiences, knowledge, and ideas for a better future. It systematically collects, stores and studies materials related to these fields of activity and displays them in temporary and permanent exhibitions, making it possible for visitors to understand the past and the future of architecture, design and photography. The Museum of Architecture and Design (known as MAO, from its Slovene name Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje) houses nearly 150,000 different objects, from plans, sketches, and models for buildings to various kinds of furniture, small objects, instruments and appliances, posters, various kinds of printed materials, and photographs. Almost all the prominent Slovene architects and designers from the twentieth century, as well as many photographers, are represented in the museum’s holdings, totalling more 1,000 artists altogether.

The Ljubljana Architecture Museum was established in 1972 by the City of Ljubljana. In April 2010 the management of the museum was transferred from the city to the state and the museum was renamed into Museum of Architecture and Design.

MAO offers visitors a diverse experience with modern, attractive exhibitions, presentations and programmes with content for people from different backgrounds and all ages. Through various educational events museum is establishing itself as an innovative space for creating, gathering, exchange and learning.

The Museum of Architecture and Design is located at Fužine Castle, on the left bank of the Ljubljanica river, at the eastern edge of the Slovene capital City. Fužine Castle is a fine example of a Renaissance chateau with cylindrical corner towers and an arcaded central courtyard.

Opening Hours:
Open: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00.
Closed: Mondays and holidays (1 January, 1 November and 25 December).

Museum of Architecture and Design
Pot na Fužine 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
00386 1 54 84 270 / 280

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Museum of Architecture and Design

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